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Specialist Enforcement Tactics Training (Level 2)

This specialist enforcement training is an advanced course to ensure your staff have the appropriate knowledge and skills to enable them to safely, effectively and professionally use OSDE (Officer Safety Defensive Equipment) Handcuffs, Baton, Oleoresin Capsicum Spray and Basic Self Defence.


  • Increased staff safety. Our training helps you meet your legal and moral obligations to minimise potential risk to your employees.
  • Enhanced staff confidence and competence. Staff at the frontline have the skills required to deploy and use all OSDE within the appropriate Laws and Policies.
  • Enhanced brand. Your people are trained to be both effective and lawful, avoiding problems that cause damage to your public profile.
  • This course is about keeping your staff safe and enhancing their effectiveness in dealing with any potentially dangerous situation or interaction.  With the key theme being communication is our foundation and in all circumstance OSDE as a LAST resort.


This training is for any organisation who’s staff have the lawful ability to carry and use Handcuffs, Batons and OC Spray in the normal course of their duties.

We currently deliver this specialist training to over 200 staff in organisations across Local and State Government agencies including, Victoria Fisheries, Parks Victoria, Game Management Authority and Wildlife.

All of our trainers have extensive experience - both operationally and instructional – to ensure we provide the most up to date, appropriate, best practise training and advice to maximise the safety for both your staff and the organisation.

Our specialist enforcement training will be customised to your requirements to ensure your employees stay safe, maximise their effectiveness and avoid potential conflict.


Policies and Procedures around use of OSDE (Officer Safety Defensive Equipment)

Handcuffing which includes policy, understanding handcuffs, general maintenance, safe compliant handcuffing front/rear, uncompliant cuffing/takedown and reporting

Baton including policy, nomenclature (naming parts), general maintenance, generating power, strikes (all) and reporting

OC Spray which includes policy, understanding spray, using spray, aftercare, use of force, medical conditions and reporting

Basic Self Defence

Redirection of person to allow time to pull other equipment and Locks and restraints.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can design and deliver a course specific to your organisation / staff’s operating needs.

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