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Workplace safety for the retail industry

While good communications skills and customer service can go a long way towards avoiding or managing conflict, there will always be situations with potential for personal harm, property damage and adverse publicity. If, for example, customer theft or alcohol is involved, specific knowledge and skills may be required to diffuse the situation and keep everyone safe.

CERT works with retail organisations to provide assistance with risk identification, policy development, relevant staff training and sourcing related equipment and products that are proven and trusted.

If you’re responsible for health and safety procedures and staff training, we can help you to address the following risks through workplace environment assessments, as well as induction and refresher training programmes designed for your organisation.

RISK: Harassment

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Dealing with abuse, dealing with difficult people

RISK: Conflict on the job

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Trigger points, dealing with difficult people, dealing with abuse, initial approach and contact, maintaining safe separation, halting subjects

RISK: Customer-facing environments

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Staff safety mindset, communications, situational awareness, body-worn video cameras, reflective clothing, stab-proof vests for security personnel

RISK: Accidental injury

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: situational awareness, 

RISK: Acts of violence

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Staff safety mindset, tactical communications, situational awareness, maintaining safe separation, halting subjects, contact and cover, warning and danger signs, tactical withdrawal