CERT Australia - Situational Training, Advice & Safety Gear


Real Preparation for the Real World

Wherever there's tension in the air. Wherever your people have to assert authority over the public. Wherever risks and people overlap. That's when you need the proven expertise and guidance of CERT Australia. We deliver training to ensure the safety, effectiveness and professionalism of your personnel.

Our primary mission is to equip your people with the knowledge, skills and tools that are essential for staying safe in a compliance, enforcement or customer service environment. We can also assist at a consultancy level, helping management to make better decisions about work situations where there's risk of hostility, aggression or violence. How did we arrive in this business? It's a short story with a logical plot. Every member of the CERT team has operational compliance and enforcement experience. Our people are either ex-Police or ex-Fisheries. Their real-world experience in managing challenging compliance situations is matched by best-practice expertise that is respected nationwide. CERT's competencies interlock precisely with the ever-present need for optimal personnel safety and effective incident management.


The CERT Advantage

Effective situational management and staff safety solutions.

Operational Experience

All CERT trainers and consultants have extensive actual operational compliance and enforcement experience across a range of sectors and situations. Our expertise isn't theoretical, it's real. 

Operational Relevancy

All CERT trainers are committed to understanding our clients' current operational requirements. They don't rely simply on past operational experience.

Instructional Expertise

CERT trainers have professional instructional experience to ensure they can develop and deliver the training in a way that maximises learning outcomes. They are also active members of professional training associations, to keep pace with national and international best practise.

Industry Reputation

Since CERT was established in New Zealand in 2007, we have assisted more than 60 local, state and central (federal /commonwealth) government organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as numerous corporate clients. We will gladly provide client contact details for references.

Our Values


We are professional, rigorous, thorough, reliable and accountable. Most of all, we are consistently excellent. Our dedication to professionalism permeates our mindset, presentation, communications and interactions.


We are open, honest and forthright. We stand by our training, advice and the quality of our products. The safety and wellbeing of our clients is a top priority.


We are enthusiastic, optimistic and excited about achieving great results for our clients. Nothing pleases us more than seeing people become confident and successful through the training and advice we provide.


We think forward by anticipating issues and developing solutions. Our products and services anticipate the future needs of your organisation.