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Workplace safety in the health sector

The public nature of health sector workplaces exposes your employees to conflict situations with the potential to cause personal harm, property damage and loss of organisational reputation.

Patients and their friends and relatives can be onsite in an agitated state and behave in unpredictable or confrontational ways. Our goal is to help you identify risk, develop mitigating policy, deliver relevant employee training, and source appropriate equipment and products.

All our training programmes are based on increasing the participants’ understanding of the causes of conflict and further developing their ability to prevent and defuse various situations.

If you’re responsible for health and safety procedures and staff training, we can help you to address the following risks through induction and refresher programmes designed for your organisation and work environments.

RISK: Harassment

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Dealing with abuse, dealing with difficult people

RISK: Conflict on the job

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Trigger points, dealing with difficult people, dealing with abuse, initial approach and contact, maintaining safe separation, halting subjects

RISK: Frontline environments

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Staff safety mindset, communications, situational awareness, firearms audits, safety clothing and equipment, body-worn video cameras, reflective clothing, stab-proof vests

RISK: Acts of violence

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Staff safety mindset, tactical communications, situational awareness, maintaining safe separation, halting subjects, contact and cover, warning and danger signs, tactical withdrawal

RISK: Accidental injury

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Animal control training, situational awareness, 

RISK: Non-compliance/illegal activity identified

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Observation skills, recording relevant information, evidence gathering, report writing