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Firearms Auditing and Policies

Dealing with members of the public who carry firearms poses an inherent risk for organisations whose personnel are required to deal with them in the course of their duties. The best way to mitigate these risks is through precise, fully-documented processes and appropriate auditing by qualified Police firearms instructors with extensive experience.

CERT Australia can assist with every aspect – from policy and standard operating procedures to auditing, storage, carriage, safe transportation and weapon situational awareness.

Our expertise allows your organisation to minimise potential threats to personal safety and the organisation's reputation through robust processes.

Benefits for your organisation

Increased staff safety. 

Reduced risk of being found liable. By defining proper procedures and ensuring employees stick to them, you minimise the risk of fines under the Health & Safety Act, Arms Act or Crimes Act.

Firearms safety audit processes

CERT Australia trainers review your organisations documentation relating to prescribed procedure for employees to safely deal with firearms. This includes ensuring firearms are correctly stored.

We make recommendations for policy improvement.

What does the training cover?

  • Firearms situational awareness
  • Policies
  • Laws

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