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Workplace safety for government departments

Providing public services involves contact between your employees and the general public. As a result, there may be situations that could lead to harm, property damage and loss of service reputation.

CERT can help you identify risks, develop mitigating policy, provide relevant staff training and source trusted safety equipment and products.

We have a proven record working with government organisations, including Fisheries Victoria and South Australia, Victoria Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (Wildlife), Department of Agriculture (Commonwealth), Victorian Game Management Authority and Australia Insolvency service. 

If you’re responsible for health and safety procedures and employee training, we can help you to address the following risks:

RISK: Conflict on the job

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Dealing with difficult people, dealing with abuse, initial approach and contact, maintaining safe separation, halting subjects, tactical communications

RISK: Non-compliance/illegal activity identified

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Interviews and statements, evidence gathering, evidence reviewing, report writing, case file preparation and management, giving evidence in court

RISK: Frontline environments

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Staff safety mindset, tactical communications, entering properties & knocking on doors, situational awareness, firearms audits, body-worn video cameras, reflective clothing, stab-proof vests

RISK: Harassment

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Dealing with abuse, dealing with difficult people

RISK: Acts of violence

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Staff safety mindset, tactical communications, situational awareness, maintaining safe separation, halting subjects, contact and cover, tactical withdrawal, defensive physical techniques, warning and danger signs

RISK: Accidental injury

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: Animal awareness training, situational awareness, firearms training